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Collaborator, colleague, wife, mother of my children, and BFF Jamie Roitman

2013, Jackson Hole, WY

Fun (?) at SSIB 2016

Porto, Portugal

Fun (!) at SSIB 2016

Porto, Portugal

Counterclockwise around the table: Jamie, Mitch, Lori Asarian, Nori Geary, Thomas Lutz, Steve Woods, Wolfgang Langhans, Barry Levin

2014, Zurich, Switzerland

The Lab at Green Street Meats

2015, Chicago, IL

Mitch, Jaime McCutcheon and Jackson Cone

SSIB 2013, New Orleans, LA

Alan Spector, Mitch and Matt Hayes

SSIB 2013, New Orleans, LA

Graduates of the lab: Stephanie Ebner and Amy Loriaux

May, 2013 Chicago IL

Former lab tech Chris Sinon and James McCutcheon

Circa 2013 Chicago IL

Mitch and Harvey Grill at annual meeting of The Obesity Society

2012, San Antonio, TX

Post-doc mentors: Gina Carelli and R. Mark Wightman

Chicago, 2017

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